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tv   [untitled]    August 31, 2012 7:37pm-8:07pm PDT

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officers to report any concerns they have. i'm wondering how that's going, what the clunecation is like. that's down the street. >> they did call me yesterday and i set up a meeting with the association. i'm going to add another beat officer in china town. i was thinking about having a beat office ergo by the association once in a while and if they want to actually come and make a report, because they express concern some of their residents didn't want to come to central station to make a report. so maybe we could have office hours possibly, a certain time. but i'm going to discuss that with the association. they wanted a two hour meeting with me and i was agreeble with that. >> that sounds like a good idea. actually i remember that being an idea that came up at the last commission meeting a year or two ago and that being the resolution that these officers actually have to go into their main community room and have office hours that they feel comfortable reporting any issues, there's more language capacity. a good idea to pick that up again. also want to compliment you on your community outreach. i started reaching out to them to attend this meeting. before i could get to them, you already had. that shows how hard you're working in this community, already reaching out to the various non-profits that are serving this community. so thank you for that work. i wanted to also ask about the
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occupancy rooms, the s.r.o.'s located in china time. i think some of the dentist housings, families living in very tiny rooms. any issues? >> we haven't had a lot of issues with the s.r.o.'s that i've seen. stuart, have you seen anything? no, it seems like it's pretty quiet. >> good to know. and then, on your presentation you had mentioned there's a large variety of language, languages that your officers speak but there wasn't a number of how many officers speak the various languages. i don't know if you know off the top of the head how many are speaking officers you have? >> i do, nine officers who speak either cantonese or mandarin. >> do you find that to be enough or are you required additional language? >> we actually use the language yesterday. you know, we could always use more. i think we're pretty good for
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the city. because a lot of our officers do speak and two of our civilians, the p.s.a.'s, they speck cantonese also. >> that's good to know. those nine officers stay pretty busy. >> they're always asked to call for translation, that's why we've seen three requests today walking through the station. >> lastly i wanted to ask you about the public, private partnerships. you list a lot of organizations in this area and you said you meet with it regularly. is it one meeting, or do you -- >> no, i meet with them day and night. we meet at least monthly. i go to a lot of meetings in this district constantly. it's great because they let me know what's going on and they really embrace the police in this community. so they not only invite me but always invite the beat men or the car person.
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they want to be informed. it's a two-way street so we have an open dialogue with all these different private, public partnerships. >> sounds like you're making the most of that resource in that community, which is really great. ok, and then actually my last question is about the asian scams, i think we mentioned it earlier. how is that going? i appreciate that they talked about the impact on their client and appreciate the department's work. what else is being done? >> i was at a senior center today talking about it. we had the financial crimes unit, at 777 stockton street. we showed the video regarding the asian scam. also the chief and commander biel has gone on chinese television to talk about the asian scam. i've been on the radio with david chan from safe. we had a call in about the asian scam and people are calling in to us, telling their experience.
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we had a tip line in cantonese, and we told the callers or listeners, to call in to this tip line and have officer sam nune do all the follow ups. we did out in the community with flyers, posted flyers all along china town. we gave video of the re-enactment to all the banks in china town, our beatmen leon and stuart, passing them out to the senior centers. we wanted to educate the community about this. first i thought everyone knew about the scam, and then suddenly we started having them again. so we had to do more. also created an asian task force of five people who to help financial crimes. they just focused on this scam. and three of them are bilingual.
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they did a lot of work for them so we worked in partnership because i felt that financial crimes didn't have enough manpower for the magnitude of this crime. and the chief, we had the chief's blessing on this because he knew that this was a very serious crime that was affecting the elderly, and they were losing their life savings. >> i think it looks like you did a ton of outreach and education. i'm sure it's having an impact. >> thank you. >> thank you very much. >> anybody else? >> good evening, my name is commander mike biel. i'm a commander of the metro division. i promise youly be working diligently with captain tom to put together a plan. also using resources to put together a plan to address the broadway issue. just so we understand on broadway what we're doing right now, what we have going on right now is our new staffing, which
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will take effect on monday. we'll increase our staffing on a night watch over at central station from 25% of the officers to 30%. there by increasing it by about five officers at night. so that would give us from what we have now on broadway, on any given weekend, four to six officers, increased by another two o three officers. that's number one. the next to tweekeds in a row we're going to have our d.u.i. checkpoints focus on broadway corridor. we're also going to put in what we did during the spring, right before the end of our last fiscal year, we had a big push be our teams working overtime, when ever possible, some added hours in the back end of their schedule, to stay on broadway until 4:00 in the morning until everything settles down. we're going to implement that back again, and i'll work with commander lawson. perhaps one squad of plains clothes officers on broadway. another thing that we can do is bring in some outside help from
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outside districts with wagons. sometimes the visual of having a couple of police paddy wagons on broadway street is something that will really help to kind of enlighten the folks. on stolen vehicles, commissioner kingsley, i want you to understand that most of the stolen vehicles we have in san francisco are older vehicles with a totey, honda-type brands. vehicles almost 20 years old. not the newer high-end vehicles, those are harder to steal. but the older vehicle s are just so easy to stealment i won't get into that on television, but those are the most for joy riding or point a to point b. that's why we recover so many of these vehicles. put your mind at ease, a lot of these are open, unlocked, left parked for days on end and
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people jump into them and just drive off and somebody will report them stolen a few days later. as far as the asian scam, i know we've done so much with that, so much outreach. one other thing that came to my attention, it was an idea brought from a very insightful asian reporter, that going out, reaching out to the community and finding people that are leaders in the community, so they can go out to their groups. that's what they'll be doing next month. i am working to train, so to speak, a number of people and i've got a number of volunteers who want to be trained and they'll take that information out to their congregations, to their community groups and speak to them and just pass the word on. because the more information we get out there, the fewer victims we hope have and find. we are getting a handle on this case. knock on wood, we haven't had a case in a while. this most recent one where we
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learned a woman had been scammed had actually been scammed earlier in july. and had a bag of her belongings under her bed and had to wait eight weeks before she could open it. we think we've identified some of the main players, we've seen a marked decrease in what's going on with these scams and hopefully we don't have any more victims in the near future. i hope i've been able to answer some of these answers. party buses are a problem. we're going to do everything we can to ensure that the broadway corridor is as safe as it can be. unfortunately it's a whole thing with the venues out there attracting a group of people. we have to be aware and i'll work with captain tom on what kind of is coming up in advance so we know what type of entertainment they'll be having because it attracts a different type of crowdment we'll put our resources there when they need
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to be there. ok, hopefully that answered some of your questions, thank you. >> commander, i just have one question and i'm sure you might have addressed it. given what commissioner chan mentioned about a number of stations that have a large population of chinese community members. i imagine the information that we're learning about the scam is shared with other areas where potential vick -- where potential victims could reside? >> it was mentioned earlier, we also working with the hong kong police department because they've been victim mized in hong kong also. we just spoke today about getting a video made through our resources in hong kong to have that video brought over here. we can use it also for our population, so everyone can get the message. and yes, we are throughout the entire city. >> great, thank you. >> no, my questions have been asked and answered. i will say this though, commissioners. i just want to say this is my
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first community meeting in this building, so i want to say kudos to the commissioner and whoever it is, particularly for the translation services. i remember a meeting we had here one time when we did not think about that and at the last moment we pulled out headsets everywhere. so we were prepared. i hope everyone appreciates that. i'm sure the community does. so nice job. >> thank you. >> well ladies and gentlemen, this wraps up our meeting. i want to thank everybody who helped prepare the meeting from the station, from the captain, the command staff and the members of the community that came for the record. and again this was very interesting. we will continue to address the broadway corridor, washington square, so thank you very much. would you please call line item number four please? >> line item number four, ajourment. >> do i have a motion? >> aye. >> all favor. thank you very much.
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♪ >> welcome to hamilton recreation and aquatics center. it is the only facility that has an integrated swimming pool and recreation center combined. we have to pools, the city's water slide, for little kids and those of you that are more daring and want to try the rockslide, we have a drop slide. >> exercises for everybody. hi have a great time. the ladies and guys that come, it is for the community and we really make it fun. people think it is only for those that play basketball or swim. >> i have been coming to the
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pool for a long time now. it is nice, they are sweet. >> in the aquatics center, they are very committed to combining for people in san francisco. and also ensuring that they have public safety. >> there are a lot of different personalities that come through here and it makes it very exciting all the time. they, their family or teach their kids have a swim. >> of the gem is fantastic, there is an incredible program going on there, both of my girls have learned to swim there. it is a fantastic place, check it out.
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it is an incredible indication of what bonn dollars can do with our hearts and facilities. it is as good as anything you will find out why mca. parents come from all over. >> there are not too many pools that are still around, and this is one-stop shopping for kids. you can bring your kid here and have a cool summer. >> if you want to see some of the youth and young men throughout san francisco play some great pickup games, come wednesday night for midnight basketball. on saturdays, we have a senior lyons dance that has a great time getting exercise and a movement. we have all the music going, the generally have a good time.
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whether it is awkward camp or junior guard. >> from more information, visit >> feel like it really is a community. they are not the same thing, but it really does feel like there's that kind of a five. everybody is there to enjoy a literary reading. >> the best lit in san francisco. friendly, free, and you might get fed. ♪ [applause] >> this san francisco ryther
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created the radar reading series in 2003. she was inspired when she first moved to this city in the early 1990's and discover the wild west atmosphere of open mi it's ic in the mission. >> although there were these open mics every night of the week, they were super macho. people writing poems about being jerks. beatty their chest onstage. >> she was energized by the scene and proved up with other girls who wanted their voices to be heard. touring the country and sharing gen-x 7 as a. her mainstream reputation grew with her novel. theses san francisco public
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library took notice and asked her if she would begin carrying a monthly reading series based on her community. >> a lot of the raiders that i work with our like underground writers. they're just coming at publishing and at being a writer from this underground way. coming in to the library is awesome. very good for the library to show this writing community that they are welcome. at first, people were like, you want me to read at the library, really? things like that. >> as a documentary, there are interviews -- [inaudible] >> radar readings are focused on clear culture. strayed all others might write about gay authors. gay authors might write about
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universal experiences. the host creates a welcoming environment for everybody. there is no cultural barrier to entry. >> the demographic of people who come will match the demographic of the reader. it is very simple. if we want more people of color, you book more people of color. you want more women, your book more women. kind of like that. it gets mixed up a little bit. in general, we kind of have a core group of people who come every month. their ages and very. we definitely have some folks who are straight. >> the loyal audience has allowed michelle to take more chances with the monthly lineup. established authors bring in an
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older audience. younker authors bring in their friends from the community who might be bringing in an older author. >> raider has provided a stage for more than 400 writers. it ranges from fiction to academics stories to academic stories this service the underground of queer fell, history, or culture. >> and there are so many different literary circles in san francisco. i have been programming this reading series for nine years. and i still have a huge list on my computer of people i need to carry into this. >> the supportive audience has allowed michele to try new experiment this year, the radar book club. a deep explorationer of a single work. after the talk, she bounces on stage to jump-start the q&a. less charlie rose and more
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carson daly. >> san francisco is consistently ranked as one of the most literate cities in the united states. multiple reading events are happening every night of the year, competing against a big names like city arts and lectures. radar was voted the winner of these san francisco contest. after two decades of working for free, michelle is able to make radar her full-time job. >> i am a right to myself, but i feel like my work in this world is eagerly to bring writers together and to produce literary events. if i was only doing my own work, i would not be happy. it is, like throwing a party or a dinner party. i can match that person with that person. it is really fun for me.
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it is nerve wracking during the actual readings. i hope everyone is good. i hope the audience likes them. i hope everybody shows up. but everything works out. at the end of the reading, everyone is happy. ♪ >> olympic fever hits the civic
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center on tuesday, august 7 at the recreation and park location complete with gourmet food, games, arts and crafts and plenty of family fun. some watched the games broadcast on the big screen while others got in on the action. carnival rides and the olympic- themed activities inspired kids of all ages to go for the gold. the talent competition fee " -- featured local performers. winners receive cash awards and bragging rights. >> it is great. i am really excited. >> until next time, i get out >> good afternoon. this is the regular meeting op the planning commission for
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august 16, 20126789 prior to taking role, if you would silence your cell phones. i'll do the same. also, the room is a little crowded and seems that a lot of you know each other. secondary discussions while the hearing is going on can prove to be extremely disruptive. we ask that if you feel the need to talk to your friends and neighbors that you go outside. and have those conversations and not in the room while we're trying to have the hearing. thank you very much for that. roll call, commissioner cat roon moore. >> here. sugaya. >> here. >> commissioner rodney fund? >> here. >> commissioner in cindy? >> here. >> commissioner boarden is absent today. the first item is item one case number 2012 .192000-t.
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it's proposed to continue august 6th 2012. request for discretionary review proposed for continuance to september 13, 2012. item number three, case number 2012 .0084 dd for 2735 to 2737 baker street. request for discretionary review. i'm very happy to report that both requests for d.r. have been withdrawn and this matter is no longer before you for your consideration. commissioners i'm not aware of any other item on calendar being proposed for continuance. >> is there any public comment on the three items proposed for continuance? >> two. >> two. sorry. seeing none, commissioner sugaya? >> moved to continue to the
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dates cited in the agenda. >> second. >> commissioners continuance of items one and two as ro posed oen your calendar. on that motion, commissioner antonini? >> aye. >> commissioner hillard? >> eye. >> sugaya? >> aye. >> thank you. commissioners that motion passed unanimously. commissioners you're now at your consent calendars. items four, five, and six make up the consent calendar. these items are considered to be routine and will be a single roll call vote. there will be no separate discussions unless a member of the commission, the public or staff requests. in that etcht the matters would be removed from -- and be in a future hearing. item 12 for 3235 sacramento
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street. previously occupied by retail store into a children's hair salon of a commercial building within the sacramento zoning district. item five is case number 2012.0822 c for poe street. it's a dd a new use size as another entertainment use to an existing restaurant within the nc-3, mo rat skill zoning district and a 50-x. the proposal would add live and amplified music during the restaurant's operating hours. item six, .0404 b. the 183rd street.
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office development authorization of office use which results in a total of 834,422 square feet on the sight. 492,000 square feet at 9 83rd street. and 422,000 at 185 gerry street. commissioners following any public comment on these items would which would automatically remove the items from consent, these matters are before you for your consideration. >> is there any public comment on these yteps on the consent calendar? >> i do have -- i'm sorry. i have two -- [inaudible] >> ok. there are two speaker cards for item number five. nancy grip ler. >> mr. president, the indication of those speaker cards would pull this off
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consent and i would recommend that you take up these items as the first item of your regular calendar. >> thank you. >> item four and six. >> take a vote on that one, ok. great. is there a motion to approve items four and six? commissioner moore? >> moved to approve items four and six as described. >> second. >> ok. >> the city attorney has suggested that we make sure that the -- the requests we're speaking on item number five that those speakers understand that they do indicate that they're opposed to the project that when they come to speak they have pulled us off the consent calendar. and i'm not sure who they are. you might want to call their names again. >> nancy grip ler and


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